With approximately $900 million of assets under management, Staple Street Capital invests in attractive middle market companies where we can partner with management to create value. Our investment approach is guided by the following principles:

Partner with management

Our success depends on partnering with motivated and proven management teams. We align our interests with management through shared financial incentives and provide them with the financial and strategic resources to help them achieve their goals. We value our relationships with our management teams and view them as critical partners to our success.

Provide valuable resources

We provide the capital, experience, and relationships to help our management teams improve and grow their businesses. We leverage an extensive network of proven operating executives with specific industry or functional expertise to serve on boards and as resources to help our management teams accomplish their goals.

Invest at inflection points

We target companies that face critical inflection points where there are identifiable strategic or operational opportunities to create value. We are attracted to companies that seek to take advantage of untapped market opportunities, are looking to enter or exit markets, make acquisitions, reposition certain business lines, or implement other changes that will lead to improved profitability and increased long-term growth.

Welcome complex situations

We often invest in businesses that are undergoing change or involve complex situations. We utilize experienced operators to help us expedite our due diligence and identify ways to unlock value. We also have the flexibility to invest across the capital structure or develop custom tailored investment structures to satisfy the needs of multiple constituents and consummate complex transactions quickly.

Maximize speed and certainty

Our investment process is designed to maximize speed and certainty of closing. We have a flat organizational structure where key decision makers are directly involved in each transaction. We also have the flexibility to invest across the capital structure and fund investments without third party debt financing in many circumstances.

Value long-term relationships

We value transparency, intellectual honesty and thoughtfulness and are drawn to partners that share these values. We take a long-term view to building our business and seek to foster career lasting relationships wherever possible.